knife gate valves

The current available sizes of the WMKGV are DN 50mm through to DN 1000mm

The Warren-Morrison Knife Gate Valve

The Warren-Morrison Knife Gate Valve has been designed to be versatile, to cater for a diverse range of process industry
applications, the primary application being fluid and suspensions up to 5%. The WMKGV is also employed in other common applications such as sludge, slurry, waster water, pulpm recycled pulp and in some types of food etc.

The WMKGV Valve is constructed from a single or twin section body, materials of body construction are currently available
in stainless steel, nodular or cast iron, the gate material is always of a premium quality stainless stell.

The Warren-Morrison Knife Gate Valve is designed, manufactured, inspected and tested in accordance with the
European Pressure Equipment Directive PED97/23/EC Category II module A1 and is consequently CE marked.

The WMKGV is also available as an ATEX approved design in accordance with ATEX 94/9/EC II CAT 2 Zone 1.21

Please contact Warren-Morrison Valves for further information on this classification.